Andhra Pradesh History

Andhras were referred for the first time in Aitareya Brahmana (circa 800 B.C) along with the tribals of Deccan like Pundaras, Sabaras, Pulindas and Mutibas.

Nothing is known about them between 8th century B.C. and 4th century B.C. They probably experienced the Nanda rule in the upper reaches to Godavari during the 4th century B.C. as Nandas ruled this region.
Nandas, on the upper reaches to Godavari, were identified with 'Navananda Dhera' indicating extension of Nanda power over the Deccan. The inclusion of Kalinga in the Nanda empire appears to be confirmed by the famous Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela.

Deccan came under the control of Chandra Gupta Maurya and south Andhra came under the control of Mauryas during the reign of Bindusara (297 B.C. to 272 B.C) Further, Plutarch states that Chandra Gupta Maurya conquered whole of India with an army of 6 lakh men. Andhras were the subjects of Ashoka (272 B.C to 232 B.C) as Ashokan inscriptions were discovered at Yerragudi and Gajulamandagiri in Andhra.13th Rock Edict of Ashoka also refers to Andhras. Mauryan control during Asokan times extended up to Siddhapura, Jatingaramesharan and Brahmagiri in South.

Dynasties Ruled over Andhra Region
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