History of India

History of My India

India. The word to some conjures up images of snake charmers, half-naked fakirs, tigers and exotic food; to others it brings up an image of a spiritual people with deep, mystic religious beliefs; and to yet others, it represents a place of poverty, of a people divided by caste, communalism and ethnicity. To my mind, India is all this, and much, much more...

This modern nation of more than 1320 million people, the second most populous in the world, is the world's largest democracy- one devoted to Liberty, Equality, and Justice in all spheres of human life. On August 15, 1947, India awoke from the slumber of oppression under foreign rule to become an independent democratic republic and took its rightful place among the nations of the world. Governed for more than four decades under socialist principles, India recently took to the road of liberalization and market reforms and is beginning to emerge as another one of the dynamic major Asian economies.

Begum Samru - The Christian Queen of India

Incredible Story of Begum Samru  Before India became independent, it had quite a number of nat...

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