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Ram Prasad Bismil Biography - Origin and Education

“Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna Ab hamare dil mein hai”, these were the lines that were most sung during the freedom of struggle after the famous “Vande Matharam”. Penned by Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil these lines have become immortal with its strong links to great freedom fighters of India. Born on 11th of June 1897 to proud parents Murlidhar and Mulamati, in a town called Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. He became an ardent follower of Arya Samaj inspired by his guru Swami Somadevji, a preacher of Arya Samaj.

Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil was a patriot, writer, translator, a revolutionary freedom fighter as well a great poet who wrote in Hindi and Urdu. His devotion for the freedom struggle was so intense that he whole heartedly accepted the noose around his neck to defeat the British Imperialists.

It was a time in 1911, when Bismil spent his good times with his family and friends. Being a teenager, Ram Prasad Bismil had an insatiable appetite for Bhang and cigarette and this obsession paved way for him to steal money from home. His father’s strict administrative behavior and mother’s love and affection made him to overcome these entangle. On a daily routine Bismil read “Satyarth Prakash” a book by Swami Dayanand Saraswathi and got inspired by his ideologies. While his education was still going in Urdu medium, later he was sent to school to learn English. His father Murlidhar was an employee at the municipality board and being gentlemen and having a immense knowledge, this influenced Bismil to learn so many things in his life which lead to learn languages like Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and English and also was inspired by his mother’s authentic personality. In his autobiography he wrote, “It was a practice in our family of female infanticide, but my mother was the first to oppose it and gave good education to her sisters”.

As Ram Prasad Bismil was getting familiar with his surroundings, he was going well with his present condition, and as spurt of violence was going on in the country, germs of mistrust and intolerance seemed to be spreading and the din was becoming cacophonic. During those times struggle to freedom was havoced around 322 places all over India and due to this action around 9,71,322 were arrested, this was one of the biggest arrest in the history of India.
As an adolescent Bismil felt the fabric of the country would tear apart if young men became slaves of the British, then the future of the country would be in dire straits, born out of this fear, Bismil was in a desperate need to try and get people to connect with their better, deeper selves to break the shackles tied to the hands of the country and then that would not be the nation what they had dreamt off. This ignited Bismil’s inner thoughts to free this country.

Ram Prasad Bismil’s mother Mulamati encouraged all his actions. His focus was to serve the country and since having a strong influence on the Arya Samaj a revolutionary life began. Hence, he became one of the prominent leaders of non religious sect. Thus Bismil, in the form of patriotic works translated an English Book “Catherine-Swadhinata Ki Devi” and Bengali book “Bolshevikon ki Kaartoot” and “Yogic Sadhan”.

When Ram Prasad was 18 year old he heard the news of Bhai Paramanand, a scholar and a revolutionary, got death-sentence for “Ghadar Mutiny”. Bismil was visibly disturbed and composed shayari and a poem “Mera Janm”, meaning “My Birth”, a poem which demystified to remove the British rule over India.
In the year 1916, while Congress parliament session was going on in Lucknow, there Ram Prasad Bismil came in contact with Keshav Balram Hedegewad, who was also a part of Indian Independence movement. After this he published a book on “American Independence”, but the British Government imposed a ban on this publication.

Once a person named Ashfaqullah Khan, from Shahjahanpur wanted to join hands with Bismil, but as Khan’s grandfather was a Deputy under British government, Bismil somewhere had a doubt, though being a strict follower of Arya Samaj he became a close friend to Ashfaqullah Khan, a Muslim. As time grew there was a good understanding between the two and they worked in tandem to give shape to their vision. This gave birth to strength to fight for the freedom of the nation.

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