Mainpuri Conspiracy -Ram Prasad Bismil


A story of mainpuri conspiracy : Ram Prasad Bismil formed a rebellious alliance called Matrivedi (Altar of Motherland) at Mainpuri, later on 28th of January 1918 published a pamphlet “Desh Vasiyon Ke Naam Sandesh”, meaning “A Message to my Countrymen”. It included many patriotic songs like “Mann Ki Lahiri”, “Kranti Gitanjali” to name a few. Also the famous “Sarfarosh Ki Tammanaah Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai” was created and admired among all the revolutionaries. Their Hunger towards freedom of the country was invincible. The need of the time was a new kind of heroism.

Ram Prasad Bismil sacrificed everything for the sake of the nation. On someday due to the shortage of money they somehow managed to fulfill their hunger for food, and a thought crossed their mind “How to fulfill the hunger of the nation?”. Hence to fund his revolutionary group’s rebellious activities, he got involved in several government lootings.

And one was in 1918, a state treasury was looted at Mainpuri wherein he was planning a loot between Delhi and Agra, while in the dacoit a British police team arrived and fired at Bismil, but he managed to jump into river Yamuna and swam underwater and escaped at Bilaspur. He was in exile for few months at a village Rampur Jagir. Considering this British police presumed him dead.


A criminal case was filed against him called as “The Mainpuri Conspiracy”. From 1919 to 1920, Bismil lived underground and wrote several books, poems and composed shayari in the pen name of Ram, Agyath and Bismil that reflected his thoughts.

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